thoughts on last night’s #NewGirl:

new girl 3.21

I could write hundreds of words about my frustrations with “Mars Landing” – how Nick and Jess’s conflict springs up out of nowhere, how the show tunnels them both into making the mutual decision to end their relationship, and so on and so forth.

But on some level , there was some authenticity to the dissonance the episode creates between them, fundamental differences that, when brought to light…

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Second Look: #X-MenTAS - “Enter Magneto”/”Deadly Reunions”

xmen 1.02

With Gyrich and the Sentinels licking their wounds in some foreign country and Beast’s bail hearing on the court docket, it appears that “Enter Magneto” might promise a moment for the X-Men to recover from the events of “Night of the Sentinels”, as they mourn Morph and integrate Jubilee into Xavier’s School for the Gifted. That peace lasts for about fifteen seconds in Beast’s cell during the…

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